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The machine tending process is a critical step in industrial production. Ensuring the timely and accurate tending of raw materials, parts, or components into machines is essential for an efficient production flow. Traditional tending methods can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and labor-intensive. However, with machine tending robots, you can completely transform this process.

Machine tending robots leverage the latest innovations in automation and robotics to optimize your production processes. Operating at high speeds, these robots perform rapid and seamless tending operations, boosting productivity. Moreover, their precise and repeatable movements ensure accurate placement of parts, minimizing errors and improving overall product quality.

Machine tending robots also offer exceptional flexibility. They can effectively recognize, handle, and place parts or components of various sizes. With programmable robotic arms and customizable gripper attachments, they easily adapt to different product types. This allows your business to meet changing production demands and streamline your production line.

Incorporating machine tending robots into your production processes provides significant advantages. Firstly, they deliver a substantial increase in speed and efficiency. Fast tending operations enhance machine productivity and reduce production time. Additionally, tending operations performed by robots exhibit lower error rates, leading to improved quality and increased customer satisfaction.

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Discover Custom-Made Handling and Machine Tendings Robots!

In this video, we demonstrate how a roll-forming machine is fed by our robots.

Offering bespoke solutions tailored to your industrial needs, our robots not only enhance efficiency but also optimize your operational processes. Meet our robots designed specifically for your business and discover how they can transform your production processes!

Press Tending Robots

Tandem press and tending with two robots.

In this video, we showcase our advanced robot technology feeding a 12600mm Tandem Press. Using two robots, we transport the material and feed it into the press. Thanks to image processing technology, the movement of the material is continuously monitored, ensuring that bending operations are performed accurately. If you're looking for precision and efficiency in your industrial manufacturing processes, our robot technology is just what you need