Analysing, designing and delivering solutions to improve performance and profitability


At Gurmas, we specialize in optimizing your production strategy through our unique consultancy tools, backed by advanced analysis and simulation. Our industry experts are dedicated to understanding your specific needs and goals, ensuring we deliver tailor-made solutions for improved efficiency and quality in your operations.

Embrace innovation and elevate your business with Gurmas – where expert insights meet cutting-edge technology for your production success.


Today, creating a successful business requires vision and in-depth strategic, technical and operational skills.

For entrepreneurs interested in the world of Engineering, Gurmas offers support at every stage of the start-up process through its proven expertise and highly qualified staff. A high-tech industrial facility deserves experienced, well-trained management capable of making decisions critical to the success of the investment.

For the initial phase of structuring the organisation of the new factory, Gurmas can provide the investor with temporary managers experienced in the Stone, Automative, Metal and  industry. These professionals are ready to evaluate temporary synergies to support, train and launch the new factory organisation.

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Smart Factory

In the context of the digitalisation of production, Gurmas supports its customers with intelligent manufacturing solutions to adapt processes and make them more flexible and efficient.

Advanced data management, using approaches such as data mining and machine learning, can reduce downtime, optimise line productivity and improve the quality of finished products.

The Gurmas Digital Hub is responsible for the design, development and continuous improvement of software to support customer companies, offering new services that can also be integrated into existing scenarios, ensuring total technological control of the plants.