Gürmas Gürel Machinery Industry Inc., with over 38 years of experience in the production sector, leads the industry with more than 2800 machines and systems it has designed and produced. Numerous firsts and innovations have been achieved, resulting in energy and labor efficiency. In line with the importance it places on R&D, the company has established its own fully equipped marble factory and produced laboratory machines in collaboration with expert universities. The results of experiments have been successfully integrated into systems. The company provides production and engineering services, with its production based in Afyonkarahisar and offices in Istanbul and Ankara. It works on Robotic, Automation, and Image Processing systems primarily for the Marble and Natural Stone Processing industry, as well as all other industrial sectors. Among the company partners, there are 2 Mechanical Engineers with Master's degrees (M.Eng), 1 Mechatronics Engineer with a Doctorate (Ph.D), and 1 Industrial Engineer with a Bachelor's degree (B.Eng).


R&D Engineer

Our company boasts 12 R&D engineers who are dedicated to developing innovative products and solutions, ensuring our continued technological leadership.


We have been working and producing since 1986.

Years of Experience and Expertise

For more than 35 years, we have been transferring our experience and know-how to our machines and designs.

Export to Country

Our company has secured a significant position in the international arena by exporting to 35 countries, demonstrating our product and service quality. This achievement not only enhances our market diversity but also showcases our expertise in global trade.


  • 1969Gürel Collective Company was established to carry out construction contracting works.

  • 1981 Gürel Building and Materials Limited Company Established

    Construction, Construction Materials sales and Electrical Materials, Socket and Switch production started.
  • 1986Gürmas Machinery Industry Limited Company was established.

    Gürmas Machinery Industry was established to manufacture marble processing machinery and designed and manufactured the first Bridge Polishing Machine in Turkey.
    ''Gürmas'' It has become a registered trademark.
  • 1989Fully Automatic Side Cutting

    Design and production of the first Fully Automatic Side Cutting Machine in Turkey, participation in the 58th Izmir International Fair was realised.
  • 1990Edge Processing (Chamfering and Polishing) Machine Production

    The first chamfer and polishing machine was designed and manufactured in Turkey.
  • 1992Gürmas Gürel Machinery Industry Co.

    Transition to a joint stock company structure was realised with growth. Gürmas was registered as Gürel Makina Sanayi A.Ş.
  • 1993Gürel Marble

    Gürel Marble Industry Co. was established in line with the importance given to Research and Development.
  • 199463rd Izmir International Fair

    At the 63rd Izmir International Fair, one of the busiest roads of the fair was named Marble Love Road for Marble, Natural Stone and Machinery manufacturers. The last Izmir International Fair participation before the Marble Fair took place.
  • 1995TSE

    Production started in TSE Standards. Turkey's first TSEK Certified Marble and Natural Stone Processing Machinery manufacturer title was given. Marble International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair, which will become a brand among the World Fairs, was organised for the first time and 47 companies participated. Celaletdin Gürel was invited to be a member of the Advisory Board of Marble International Natural Stone and Technologies Fair.
  • 1996CE

    Marble and Natural Stone Processing Machinery in Turkey began production under safety conditions in accordance with the first CE Standards.
  • 19985. Marble Fair

    The 5th Marble Fair was attended as every year.
  • 2000TÜMMER

    Turkey Marble, Natural Stone and Machinery Manufacturers' Association was established to make Turkey a leading country in the world natural stone production and exports by developing natural stone mining in our country. Celaletdin Gürel was elected as the vice chairman of the Founding Board of Directors on behalf of Marble Machinery Manufacturers who are among the Founding Members.
  • 2001Türkiye's Five Year Development Plan

    8. Celaletdin Gürel took part in the Five-Year Development Plan Studies as the Chairman of the Marble Processing Machinery Specialised Commission and in the Mining Specialised Commission.
  • 200310. Marble Fair

    10th Marble Fair was attended. It continues to develop within the structure that grows more and more every year.
  • 2005Full Moulding Profile Machine

    The first and only Full Profile (Full Moulding- Full Bulnose) Machine was designed and manufactured in Turkey. It is capable of bulnose, half bulnose, chamfer and face polishing of stones up to 50mm thickness.
  • 2008GÜÇLÜ 75

    The GÜÇLÜ series was developed with the ACM Sistem brand, which eliminates the need for people in the transport of materials. The vacuum generator eliminated the need for a vacuum pump by converting compressed air into vacuum. The first prototype is still tirelessly handling marbles at Gürel Marble Industry.
  • 2010Collaboration with INKA

    A partnership was established with İNKA Mühendislik Madencilik Makina San. ve Dış Tic. A.Ş., which specialises in Engineering and Marketing in the Marble and Natural Stone Sector.
  • 2011Organic Treatment

    The first project of Gürmas, İNKA partnership was the production of Organic Liquid Waste Treatment System for Mey A.Ş., Turkey's largest alcohol producer. With the system, which is the first in Türkiye, recycled water with the best and healthy values was obtained.
  • 2012Thermodynamics and Viola Furnace

    Manufacturing and automation of Viol Press and Drying Oven was realised for Afyon Yumurta A.Ş., Turkey's largest egg exporter. Energy, which is the biggest gain in the oven, was measured as 37% efficient compared to other ovens.
  • 2013Stator Press

    Fully Automatic Electric Motor Stator Ironing Press was designed and manufactured for Arçelik A.Ş., Turkey's largest white goods manufacturer. In the new Ironing Press, 3.6 sec/piece was obtained by improving the transfer times without changing the pressing time. (The standard process cycle time obtained in the current system is 8.2 sec/piece).
  • 2014Handling with Kuka Robot

    The design and integration of the natural stone palletising robot for Granitaş A.Ş., Turkey's largest granite producer, was successfully completed. The products coming out of the multi-plate cutting made with 2 people at a cycle time of 5.5 pieces / min were palletised with 1 robot with a cycle time of 7.5 pieces / min. The process of bending a single piece in the press brake press was carried out in coordination with 2 robots. It is the first and only application in Türkiye.
  • 2015Marble Milling and Processing Robots

    With the addition of 6th Axis Kuka Robots and 7th and 8th Axes, the design and integration of systems that produce excellent carving and sculpture works were carried out.
  • 2016Zafer Teknopark

    Afyon-Uşak Zafer Technology Development Zone A.Ş. Partnership was realised.
  • 2016Autoclave Block Reinforcement

    On the way we set out to make the most efficient use of our natural resources in the world and in our country, we have realised a first in our country and established a facility for Marble and Natural Stone Reinforcement with Autoclave.
  • 2016R&D Work Started at ZaferTeknopark

    On behalf of Gürmas Gürel Makina, the 2nd Branch was established in Zafer Teknopark to start working in the field of R&D.