Expertise and knowledge to support your business since 1986

Gurmas supports entrepreneurs interested in Robotics and Automation Systems in all phases of their project: from designing to implementing and developing the subsequent business model.

Business start-up

Launching a successful industrial project requires in-depth strategic, technical and operational expertise.

Gürmas provides all the industry knowledge to facilitate the effective start-up of the production facility and, more broadly, of the business: from market data and trends to raw material analysis, to strategic, economic and financial information.

Continuous improvement projects

Inspiring customers to achieve excellence is a priority for Gurmas.

For the more ambitious, continuous improvement paths are available to increase the quality of output and the efficiency of production processes.

Technical experts and qualified specialists are available to assist customers through

  • Analysing production data and parameters
  • Defining action plans, in full synergy with the customer
  • Implementing and monitoring the action plan
  • Assist in the drafting of standards and guidelines related to the production process.