Evolution and transformation of the production system

Gurmas offers solutions for the digitalisation and virtualisation of production processes in order to optimise the performance of machines and equipment, provide predictive data for their correct operation, and plan processes and operations.


Advanced measurement systems

The activities of collecting and analysing information from the production environment, from the process, from the intermediate and finished products, through modular and configurable software platforms, ensure full technological control of the processes.

Systematic analysis models

Data is transformed into information by means of systematic analysis models of routine industrial operations, in order to generate knowledge and use it efficiently in the company. This makes it possible to optimise set-up, reduce downtime and maintenance and, above all, increase the profitability of the plant and the quality of the finished product.


Machine Learning

New software applications make extensive use of AI and machine learning techniques. By analysing the functional relationships between process variables and the characteristics of the finished product, the software can create models to automatically define machining parameters, recipes, settings and machine control. They make production processes even more efficient and flexible, gradually reducing the number of human interactions.